About Get More Kit

Get More Kit is all about providing amazing sports kit for people who really LOVE their sports. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out with a new sport or are part of a national team competing on the world stage. If you are passionate about what you do, you want to wear clothing that helps you be the best you can be and love every minute doing your sport, no matter what the weather is going to throw at you!

Get More Kit is very proud to be the New Zealand partner for JL Racing, who are the world leaders in high performance rowing clothing. JL Racing design and manufacture custom and retail clothing for rowing as well as kayaking, athletics and general fitness training. Have a look through our range here in the shop pages and the photo galleries for ideas on custom team kit.

We believe that great quality team clothing plays a very significant role in unifying crews in their common goals of performing at their best. Putting on your custom designed, custom fitted racing team kit should be an integral part of an athlete's psychological race build up, helping them feel strong, powerful and ready to bring their all to their racing. Hard working crews need hard working kit, that they can be really proud to wear!

If your team is in need of new rowsuits or other technical rowing kit this season, we can replicate your current strip or help you redesign it, if you are keen for a fresh look. We will work with you to ensure you are 100% happy with the colour matching and design of your garments, tailor the range of club garments to your club's needs exactly and then make the ordering process simple and stress free.

We have sizing kits available so that every athlete has the opportunity to try the clothing on and see if they require their garments and choose the correct size. This process helps to ensure that every athlete gets the best fit possible and will be confident and comfortable in training and racing. We understand that on race day, your squad needs to focus on putting their best race together, not on whether their rowsuit fits ok!

About Louise, Director of GET MORE KIT

Water sports have always been a huge part of my life, but considering I was raised in Henley-on-Thames, it seems odd looking back, that my love of boats began on the ocean. I grew up in various leaking dingys on family holidays, learnt to sail small boats as a little girl, explored harbours in Cornwall in kayaks when I got a bit bigger, progressed to sailing yachts as a teenager and then at university I found my big love...rowing.

As a tiny person with a massive voice and instinctive boat handling skills, I was immediately handed a cox box and put to work. I coxed for Oxford Brookes University for two years, winning numerous regattas and heads, including the Novice Pennant at the Women's Head of the River Race and the Senior 3 Pennant at the Head of the River Race. After university, I was invited to join the development squad at Leander Club in Henley-on-Thames, under the exceptional coaching of Mark Banks and the legendary Sid Rand. While competing with Leander, we were always the crews to beat, but we trained hard to race even harder. In 2002, I won the Thames Challenge Cup with Leander at Henley Royal Regatta, after an awesome season racing domestically and internationally.

However on returning to rowing here in New Zealand, I very soon realised that there was no JL here! For a nation with such a proud and successful rowing community, it made no sense to me that JL had no dedicated, locally based agent here representing them. This was the moment Get More Kit was born! We are so excited to bringing this amazing sporting apparel to athletes here, and to be a small part of the amazing success stories that make sporting history in New Zealand.


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