Custom Team Triathlon Kit

JL has put their expertise in designing uncompromised clothing for rowing and cycling together to make a range of race suits specifically designed for triathlon training and racing. Take a look at our Gallery to see some examples of JL team kit in action.

We believe that great quality custom clothing plays a very significant role in unifying teams in their common goals of performing at their best. Putting on your custom designed, custom fitted race suit should be an integral part of an triathlete's psychological race build up, helping them feel strong, powerful and ready to bring their all to their racing. Hard working athletes need hard working kit, that they can be really proud to wear!

If your team is in need of new triathlon kit this season, we can replicate your current strip or help you redesign it, if you are keen for a fresh look. We will work with you to ensure you are 100% happy with the colour matching and design of your garments, tailor the range of club garments to your team's needs exactly and then make the ordering process simple and stress free.

We bring our custom sizing kit with us and meet your team, so every athlete has the opportunity to try on the clothing and see if they require their garments to be custom sized. This process helps to ensure that every athlete gets the best fit possible and will be confident and comfortable in training and racing. We understand that on race day, you needs to focus on putting your best possible race together, not on whether your race suit fits properly!

If you would like to know more about getting JL custom team triathlon kit, get in touch with Louise at Get More Kit, JL's New Zealand partner. We can talk to you about the clothing, show you samples, tell you more about why we love JL and explain everything you need to know about ordering with us. Find all our contact details here.

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