Ken Mills, Vice President of JL, started his sporting career in athletics, excelling in throwing events as well as both high jump and long jump. He set many records while at University High School including the record for the discus, which only fell in 2000 and his shot put record which was only broken in 2004 by an athlete that Ken himself coached. In 1980 he competed for the US Junior National Team in Canada and was recruited to UCI where he was a points leader for the team. The name Mills is still on the record at UCI for the Discus. Ken trained under Art Venegas with the top throwers of his generation. Faced with the dilemma of every top-class track athlete of the period, Ken made the decision to remain clean. Though this contributed to his early withdrawal from competition, it is part of what defines Ken and what he brings to his management style at JL - dedication with honesty and hard work.

Designed by passionate, experienced athletes, JL Track uncompromised athletics clothing sets a very high benchmark for quality, durability, comfort while training and competing. Whether you are buying training kit for yourself or interested in getting new custom kit for your team, we can help you get your perfect fit with our custom sizing and make ordering for teams a breeze.

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